The object of the Association shall be to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of the Republic of Korea
and of the United States of America and to strengthen cultural, economic and other relations between the two countries.

Welcome to the Korea–America Association (KAA)!

Founded on December 5, 1963 as a nonprofit civilian organization, the KAA has staged diverse activities for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding, friendship, and cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the United States of America through dynamic exchanges in a variety of fields including politics, economics, security, society, culture, arts, education, science and technology. The KAA’s principal objective is to play roles at a private level in developing the bilateral relationship into a future-oriented partnership on the basis of the robust alliance forged in blood.

To this end, the association has hosted over the past 57 years lectures featuring prominent figures, academic seminars, events encouraging U.S. service members, and friendship meetings among Americans and Koreans. By publishing the KORUS Weekly Review, we collect, summarize, and convey every week overseas information about Korea to the members and nonmembers. Especially, the “Next Generation Committee” focuses on strengthening the bond of ties among young people from both countries who will advance the Korea–America partnership into another stage.

We have recently heard the voices apprehending diplomatic and security relations between Korea and the United States. Especially in times like this, our association would like to stay faithful in consolidating trust and friendship between peoples of our two nations on the basis of firm conviction in liberal democracy and market economy.

The KAA, which has assumed a leading role in maintaining and developing friendly relations between Korea and the United States over a half century and beyond, promises to devote the best efforts to fulfilling its duties as a major channel for dialogue and communication between peoples of both our nations.
Thank you!